Designed for Learners, Instructors & Course Creators, and Businesses/NGOs. Choose the plan aligned with your objectives and embark on a journey of continuous learning and growth.
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PLANS For Learners

Unlock a World of Knowledge

Unlock your learning potential with our comprehensive Learner Subscription Plans. Enjoy access to a vast array of courses, interactive learning experiences, and personalized guidance. Our plans cater to academic excellence, personal development, and the pursuit of varied interests. 

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PLANS For Instructors & Course Creators

Leveraging AI for Impactful Teaching

Empower your teaching capabilities with our specialized Instructors & Course Creators Subscription Plans. Gain exclusive access to advanced tools for seamless course creation, assessment, and student engagement. Elevate your influence in the educational landscape. 

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PLANS For Businesses and NGOs

Empowering People through Capacity Building

Fuel your organizational growth with our tailored Business and NGOs Subscription Plans. Provide employees with access to customized training modules, fostering skill development and enhancing overall productivity. Choose scalable plans that align with your organizational objectives.

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